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Frequently Asked Question

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What is Gamicon?

Gamicon is an innovative art appraisal and fractional NFT trading platform, seamlessly merging digital art appraisal with fractional NFT trading. Our platform convenes experts to evaluate digital creations, enabling investors to trade shares of prized artworks, resembling the stock market experience

Is there any fee for me to submit an entry?

As of today, there is no fee for creators to submit an entry to Gamicon. We believe in providing an accessible platform for artists to showcase their work without any barriers to entry.

Why should I submit my entry as a creator?

With our platform, you'll have the chance to showcase your talent, gain recognition from the community, and monetize your digital creations. We offer a safe, secure, and user-friendly environment where you can interact with fellow creators, art lovers, experts, buyers, and collectors worldwide.

What is fractional NFT in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, fractional NFTs are a way to own a portion of a non-fungible token (NFT), which represents ownership of a digital asset. Instead of owning the entire NFT, investors can buy and trade fractional shares of it, similar to how stocks are traded on the stock market. This allows for broader access to high-value digital assets and provides opportunities for smaller investors to participate in the NFT market.

Who are the appraisers?

We reach out to art lovers, experts, collectors, and influencers, inviting them to join our platform as appraisers. Their expertise and influence are then assessed and weighted, playing a crucial role in establishing the minimum price for new entries. This ensures that our appraisal process is not only transparent but also reflective of the broader art community's insights and standards.

Who owns the entry submitted to Gamicon?

Before the first share is sold, creators own 100% of the share. However, once a share is sold, ownership of the sold share is transferred to the buyer, giving them full control over the purchased fraction of the digital asset.